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Related article: Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 15:32:16 +0800 From: Ben Ng Subject: The Big Game: After the Big Game 2************************************************************** I have started a Google Group where I put my most updated stories. As it takes time for nifty to process, please join the group to read the latest installments. http://groups.google.com/group/bens-sexual-adventures You can leave comments on the group or email me at ng.ben9gmail.com **************************************************************After the Big Game 2So, both Ben and Rick took turns fucking Josh, but Josh hasn't cum yet. Ben noticed it and said, "Hey Rick, why don't you give Josh some love? Show him your cocksucking skill!"Rick frowned and said, "You want me to suck him? I'm not sure about that!""Come here." Ben said as he waved Rick towards him. Rick slowly got up and walked towards Ben. Ben was sitting against the wall; one leg propped up, the other bent, laying flat on the floor. His legs being wide open, his thick Www Preteen Nymphets cock was clearly visible. Although it has shrunk to its flaccid state, the cock head was big and red, a drop of cum still on the tip, about to drip. Rick was taking in this beautiful sight as he walked towards Ben. This guy was so masculine, yet so down to earth and relaxed, so real and free. It reminded him why he was in love with this man.As Rick stood in front of Ben, Ben opened his mouth and took Rick's soft cock in. He gently swirled Rick's cock in his mouth using his tongue, paying special attention to the underside. Although Rick just cum, he couldn't help but get hard again under Ben's expert sucking. Rick has taught him well. Since high school, Rick and Ben have been best friends, and they jerk off together almost every day. As they went to college together, their relationship progressed to sucking each other as well. Initially Rick sucked Ben off under the excuse that Ben couldn't find any girl to fuck that day. Ben wouldn't refuse; as long as someone was sucking his cock, he didn't care who. Come to think of it, Rick should know Ben was bisexual a long time ago. He didn't care who he was fucking either, as long as he's fucking someone. He just loved to fuck. It's only more socially acceptable to fuck girls, so he went that route.Ben was new to sucking at that time, and his cocksucking skill was abysmal. He only did it to return the favor, under his "buddies helping each other" philosophy. As time passed, Rick taught Ben how to suck properly and how to use his tongue to stimulate the cock head, and Ben learned quickly. With years of practice in college, Ben quickly became an expert cocksucker. He has also learned to enjoy sucking cocks, which resulted in him voluntarily sucking the entire Bruin team about a month ago. And now, he was using his skills back on Rick. As Ben was sucking Rick, he looked up and maintained eye contact with Rick. Rick can see from his eyes that Ben was telling him something. They have been best friends for years such that he knew what Ben was thinking simply by looking at him. Ben's puppy eyes were a mixture of pleading, appreciation, and guilt. He wanted Rick and Josh to get along. He appreciated Rick's years of friendship and love, and he was guilty that he picked Josh as his boyfriend instead of him. Rick understood all that in an instant, the things that Ben was probably too embarrassed or too proud to say, but he knew Ben was sincere. From the chemistry between Ben and Josh, and Josh's aggressive nature, he can see why the two heated up so quickly. Like they said, it wasn't planned. It just happened.Ben was looking intently at Rick's reaction. Did he get his apology? Is he ok with it? Rick didn't let on his feelings but just enjoyed the cocksucking. Ben continued to suck Rick dutifully, his hands gently rubbing Rick's ass cheeks. He has never been so gentle and loving. Rick looked at Ben again. He couldn't resist those puppy eyes, especially when they are looking at him from below and his entire cock being swallowed whole. After a few more strokes, Ben slowly pulled away and whispered, "Can you give Josh some love, please?"The way he said "please" made it hard for Rick to refuse. Ben seldom asked for anything. He was always self-sufficient, and like many guys, often too proud to ask for help. The only thing Rick ever helped him with was math, the one subject Ben had difficulty with. That actually started their sexual relationship. Math tutoring that turned into a mutual jerk off session. As Rick looked at Ben, all Www Preteen Nymphets the memories came back to him. How they jerked each other off after school, how they had threesomes with girls from school, and how one fateful night, Ben fucked him under the influence of both alcohol and peer pressure. Ben has been good to him. Although he must have figured out Rick was gay, he didn't reject him or change in any way. Their friendship continued just as before, but Rick now regretted not being more aggressive and taking it to the next level. He was jealous and pissed off that Josh got to be his boyfriend, not him. A flash of anger appeared on Rick's face. Everything happened in an instant, and Rick could see that Ben was still waiting for an answer."Fine. I'll suck him." Rick said, not entirely willing, but he didn't want to disappoint Ben. He walked over to Josh, motioned him to stand up, then kneeled down to take his cock in. Josh was feeling awkward. He didn't want Rick to be pressured into it."Hey, are you sure you want to do this?" Josh asked."Shut up and just enjoy." Rick pulled out and said. Josh closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensations. Although Ben was a good cocksucker, Rick was the master. The way his tongue tickled the underside of his cock and the way he took the whole cock in his mouth told him that this guy has had years of practice and perfected his skills. Josh was in heaven and he couldn't resist giving out a loud moan.Ben was entirely enjoying the picture in front of him. He couldn't help but smile. His best friend was giving head to his boyfriend. How cool is that? He folded his hands behind his head, leaned back and enjoyed the show.As Rick continued to suck Josh, he was increasing speed. Josh couldn't help but started thrusting in and out with quickening pace. He grabbed onto Rick's head and started face fucking him hard. He was totally out of control. He has never had such a good blow job before. In no time he started shaking uncontrollably and blasted his entire load down Rick's throat. Rick swallowed quickly and increased suction, grabbing onto his ass tightly. Josh wanted to pull out after he cum as his cock head was sensitive after he climaxed, but Rick wouldn't let him. He kept sucking hard and using his tongue to flick the underside of his cock. It drove Josh crazy. He was wriggling and tried to pull out a few times, but Rick held onto him, sucking every last drop out, and only withdrew when he's completely deflated. When Josh pulled out, he was breathing so hard he collapsed onto the ground."You fucking torturer! That was insane!" Josh whispered breathlessly."I take it you like it then?" Rick grinned."That was the most amazing blowjob I ever had! No wonder Ben called you the master!""I told you he's good, didn't I?" Ben laughed."Definitely. He's in another league. My guys would go crazy if they found out about him.""I'm not a cock slut like you, sucking the entire team!" Rick retorted."Wait now, are you calling me a cock slut as well? I sucked their entire team too!" Ben can't help but smiled."You... come to think of it, yeah, you offered to suck them all. You two are such a pair!""Yeah, we are, aren't we?" Ben Www Preteen Nymphets winked at Josh. "He can't get enough of my cock, and I can't get enough of his ass. It works for us.""Alright, I can't stand you guys. I'm going to check on the other guys, see what they are up to. You two stay here until I give you the green light." Rick was back to his usual self."Wait! I was hoping for round two!" Ben exclaimed. After the brief break, and seeing Rick and Josh's hot action, Ben was hard again. He motioned for Josh to come, which he did gladly. Josh loved this insatiable beast. He bent over and pulled his cheeks apart, giving Ben an open invitation. Ben stood up and simply pushed in and started thrusting. With these two, foreplay wasn't necessary. They can't wait to devour each other."I can't believe it! You two sex fiends!" Rick shook his head, but his feet were riveted to the ground. He's not going to miss this hot action."Come here, join us!" Ben waved at Rick and motioned for him to stand in front of Josh. Rick knew this well. For several years in high school, Ben would get girls to sleep with him, then urge them to have threesomes with Rick. Ben would be fucking their brains out while they suck Rick. Ben loved seeing his friend enjoying himself. He loved sharing.As Rick approached Josh and fed him his cock, Ben had a wide grin on his face. "Just like old times, huh?" Ben was clearly excited, like a kid in the candy store. He thrust into Josh hard, while watching Josh give Rick an expert blowjob. As Rick moaned in pleasure, Ben thrust even harder. He was feeding off of Rick's response. Josh was enjoying the cocks from both sides and he couldn't get enough. This was better than he thought. He was a cock slut since high school and he sucked off anyone who asked for a blowjob. He could take the entire football team in one go, much like Ben did, but he was able to enjoy it much more. He has had a lot of practice with blowjobs, but he hasn't had many threesomes. Being sandwiched by two hot guys was his dream come true."I can last a long time this time around." Ben smiled while thrusting at an even pace. Every time he pushed forward, he sent Josh deeper onto Rick's cock. By this time, they were all moaning loudly. Although Rick came not long ago, Josh's expert sucking was having an effect on him. All his years of practice paid off. In terms of cocksucking, Josh's experience was unparalleled. In no time, Josh was bringing Rick to a crashing orgasm. Just like Rick did, he kept sucking on his cock until he fully deflated, sucking every drop out of his cock and teased his sensitive cock head mercilessly. Rick trembled in pleasure and agony. Despite using his signature move on Ben, Rick has never been on the receiving end of this treatment. Ben never quite picked up this skill. Rick only knew this drove Ben crazy so he kept using it on him. This was the first time someone reciprocated. His whole body was in spasm from the intense stimulation. When Josh finally let go, Rick collapsed onto the ground, out of breath."He's good too, isn't he?" Ben winked at Rick."Yeah, better than you." Rick smiled wearily."You see why I fell for him now?" Ben joked."Totally. I would fall for him myself." Rick laughed. He was enjoying the show, watching Ben continue to fuck Josh at a steady pace. This guy really knows how to fuck, he thought. He can fuck for hours. It's good that he found someone who can take it, because not many girls can stand him. It's also why Ben kept changing girlfriends. I guess he finally figured guys can take much more than girls in terms of fucking.Ben continued to pound on Josh while reaching forward and jerked his cock. He whispered in Josh's ear, "I want us to cum together." Josh was too into the fucking to reply. He could only moan in response. Ben gradually increased speed and thrust even harder. Josh's moaning became louder and more high- pitched as the fucking became feverish. Www Preteen Nymphets He loved this part. Pure animal instinct, relentless fucking, no holding back. Ben would pull almost all the way out then slam hard back in to the pubes, again and again. Each time it would hit Josh's prostate and drove him closer and closer to climax. Meanwhile, Ben's hand pumped Josh's cock quickly, sending him over the edge. As Josh yelled out "I'm cumming!" he pumped three shots high up in the air, making an arc and landing directly in front of Rick. Determined to cum together, with one last stroke Ben slammed all the way in, so hard that it sent Josh's entire body forward, almost tripping him, but Ben held his waist tightly, and unleashed yet another load deep into Josh's ass. Ben was grunting like an animal as his cock continued to pump into Josh, his body convulsing at each shot. After five or six shots, Ben gradually came down from his high, his breathing labored. He released Josh, his cock plopped out of Josh's ass, and he collapsed on the ground. Josh fell forward on all four, trying to catch his breath while smearing Ben's cum all over his ass and cock. He loved the feeling of hot cum filling his ass.Ben was really spent this time. He was sweating all over, like he just ran a marathon. He was breathing so hard it was like he had a heart attack. He sat there totally limp, leaning against the wall, his eyes closed as if reliving the hot scene. Both Josh and Rick knew that after an intense fuck, Ben would almost immediately go to sleep and he would be unconscious for hours. Nothing could possibly wake him during this time. It was why he could spend an entire night on a bench in the Bruin's locker room. He simply passed out from the intense sex."Ok, looks like there won't be a round three. I'll go check on the guys and report back. Don't go anywhere, Josh. I don't want you to get raped." Rick said as he gathered his clothes to leave. Josh nodded. He couldn't walk properly even if he wanted to, after three intense fuck sessions. He was content simply watching Ben dose off peacefully, like watching a child sleep. He was so innocent, so child-like, so simple. Just give him sex and he's happy. Watching his beautiful body with sweat and cum all over, chest heaving and glistening in the moonlight was so moving. He loved this man. He suddenly realized that hours have passed since they first came here. The moon was already high up in the sky. Josh simply watched Ben silently, in his most vulnerable state. He didn't want this moment to pass. Time seemed to have stopped, until the door burst open and Rick walked in."I think the guys all went back to their rooms. I've checked everywhere and I didn't see anyone outside." Rick reported. He looked at Josh's face, which still looked mesmerized from watching Ben. He couldn't help but smile. This guy was really into him. Such a cute couple."Ok, guys, let's go. The gates will be closed soon. You better leave while you can." Rick urged. Josh reluctantly tore his eyes off Ben and put his clothes on. Rick walked over to Ben and gave him a slap in the face. Josh's eyes breathed fire at his "rude" gesture. Rick only smiled. Josh had no idea how deep their Www Preteen Nymphets friendship was, and things he could get away with. Ben opened his eyes slightly and squinted at Rick."You have to slap him to wake him up when he passes out after sex. It's the only way." Rick noted. Josh just stared at him for interrupting the beautiful moment. Groggily, Ben started searching for his clothes and put them on, as Rick explained to him the situation.As the three approached the parking lot, Josh said, "Looks like it's safe now. I can take it from here.""No, I have to see you safely out." Ben had a look of concern in his eyes which was so heart warming to Josh."My car is right there, see?" Josh pointed out his little black sedan as they walked there. Suddenly three guys appeared from behind the pillars and stood next to the car."We knew you guys would come here. This is the only car that doesn't belong to any of us. We knew the Bruin is still here." Mike said cockily, his face still swollen and bleeding."How's your face, Mike?" Ben teased, a crooked smile on his face."You son of a bitch!" Mike charged against Ben. Ben couldn't wait to finish him off. He dodged Mike's punch and tripped his legs, making him fall face down on the ground. Josh and Rick couldn't help but laughed at his clumsiness. Mike was fuming and as he got up, he signaled for his two buddies to join him, but they were hesitant."Just drop it, Mike, you are not his match." The other two didn't dare to go against Ben and Rick, who were known for their wrestling prowess. Both of them used to be in the wrestling squad and only chose football because they couldn't do both. Mike was red in the face. He Www Preteen Nymphets wanted revenge but he knew he couldn't get it, and his friends were too chicken to help him. All he could do was yell at his face, "You watch it, Ben! The entire school is going to know you are gay and your little boyfriend here comes to you to get fucked every week! The entire school is going to be mocking you and there is no place for you on the team!" With that he stormed away, his two sidekicks followed."If you are going to spread gossip, at least get the facts straight. I'm bisexual. I fuck girls and guys. If you want to get fucked I'll be happy to do so." Ben yelled at Mike and laughed as he went away. Rick shook his head. This guy is crazy. He's yelling so loudly as if he wanted the whole school to hear. Normally this would be social suicide, but with Ben you never know. He's just full of surprises.Ben and Rick helped Josh check his car. You never know what those crazy guys could do. Josh did notice some scratches on the side of his car, but he didn't care. Compare to almost getting raped, this is nothing. And if he didn't come today, he wouldn't have the awesome threesome. He was happy. When Ben finally made sure the tires weren't scratched and the tail pipe wasn't blocked, he gently tapped on the car to indicate Josh can go.Josh drove off, but couldn't help looking at the rear-view mirror. Ben was waving at him, a huge smile on his face. It just tugged his heart strings. This star quarterback cared for him so much he had to make sure he was absolutely safe before letting him go. Ben stood there all the way until he saw Josh out of the gate and onto the main street. Josh kept looking back at him and couldn't suppress a smile on his face."I'm definitely coming back next week," he thought to himself, "and I'm going to stay the weekend." The three are definitely going to have more fun in the days ahead.
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